Ketogenic diet and mood changes Dr. Ryan Lowry Chairman of ASPI -In addition to all the known benefits, Ketones also have a very, very interesting main benefit, And we have also begun to see a lot of emerging research results on this, That’s what ketones have The characteristic of stabilizing emotions. Therefore, the ketogenic diet is not only Has the characteristics of stable emotions, And new research shows that This reaction is probably driven by the ketone itself, And they are studying exogenous ketones, They have the same characteristics, And has been shown to be in certain neurotransmitters and The brain receptors play a role in promoting emotions. Dopamine is in our brain A neurotransmitter commonly called pleasure hormone, right? So when we feel good, We produce a lot of dopamine, And one of the characteristics of being in a state of ketosis is It will not make you too high in dopamine, And certainly not like some substances Lower your dopamine levels Or mixed with serotonin.

On the contrary, in a sense, Ketones have the function of balancing these neurotransmitters, They have the characteristic of stabilizing emotions. In a recent study, they took exogenous ketones And injected it into mice, They found that it actually helps stabilize In a mouse model of depression Certain neurotransmitters, Where they looked at these animals, And can increase some of them Dopamine and stabilize their mood And enhance its function, which is very very instructive. Knowing about exogenous ketones tells us, They are not only a fuel source for the brain, And they are still sending out signals. They act on certain aspects of our DNA, But it also marks the different kinds of our whole body Cascade reaction, we think One of them is inside the brain Neurotransmitters. Therefore, ketones may pass Signal transduction cascade Some of the neurotransmitters that act on it And stabilize mood and function.

Again, this is why we emphasize You can’t just use ketones as fuel.

It can’t be used as a tonic, They are a technology, Because they have many different benefits, Not only provides a source of fuel, Not only acts on certain receptors in the brain, It can also help you improve your appetite regulation, At the same time there is a signal cascade reaction, These signals may help Some emerging research we see in emotion. Usually, when we don’t eat quality food, And when you eat a lot of sugar and carbohydrates, We will experience Ups and downs like a roller coaster. We got the sugar crumble. Well, when you experience a sugar crash, Will often get angry and angry, This is most likely due to serotonin And dopamine and other substances.

Many are because your blood sugar is low. Well, fortunately, we now have Ways and capabilities to provide alternative fuel sources. We can not only start from the fuel point of view, Provide energy to the brain in a better way, But also can balance and help balance Some of these neurotransmitters and ketones Possible signal transduction effect.

Therefore, in addition to making us go through a huge hurdle And heavy setbacks, we can usually By allowing us to balance those neurotransmitters To alleviate those frustrations, anger and some mood swings, These neurotransmitters have now been proven Not only can it be done through a ketogenic diet, It can also be done with exogenous ketones. Before, we already knew that there were a lot of Research on the ketogenic diet, And in general it’s just emotions.

Now thanks to Pruvit’s research And the research and explosive growth of ketones to the market, We start to see more Regarding the ketone itself in emotion Anxiety and other benefits Research and science. Therefore, this is indeed very, very promising. Pruvit leads many innovations And many scientific developments, And some of our ongoing research at ASPI, So that people figure out how to optimize it.

If you don’t want to strictly follow the ketogenic diet, Can you still see some benefits through exogenous ketones? Or, what if you use both?

Can you collaborate? Can you go on a ketogenic diet and be on top of it Supplementing exogenous ketones for better results overall? This is what we will continue to study, And as more and more research is completed, We will continue to observe in the coming months and years..

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